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ASMRCC's History

In 1947 union contractors in the sheet metal, roofing and insulating trades banded together and formed the Associated Sheet Metal, Roofing and Insulating Contractors, Inc. The objective in forming the organization was to have a unified voice for management in their dealings with organized labor in these three unionized trade sectors.

In 1956, the organization became a chapter of what is now the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association or, as it is more commonly recognized, SMACNA. The main role of the organization was to provide strength to the management component in the overall collective bargaining process. It was also the objective of management to use the association as a vehicle to provide the unionized segment of the construction industry with the management tools needed to develop and profitably operate a successful sheet metal, roofing and insulating contracting business.

This was and continues to be accomplished through educational programs offered to the contractors either locally or through our relationship with our national association, SMACNA.

In the mid-1950's the Association also became the management component to the then recently inaugurated pension and health funds for the Sheet Metal Local No. 40. The Association is empowered by the trust agreement to appoint the management trustees to the Local No. 40 and Taft-Hartley fringe benefit funds. During this same time frame the association continued to represent management interests through the collective bargaining process.

As the complexion of the union construction industry changed in the early 1970's, so did the management make-up of the association. Insulating contractors were bargaining independently, and the Association moved to change their name to reflect this.

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Long Standing Relationships

At around the same time, the Association merged with the contractors association that had been representing management in the southern counties of the state, and changed their name to SMACNA Connecticut, Inc. a name which more accurately reflected the scope and objectives of the organization. At the same time ASMRCC was granted the charter to represent union employing sheet metal and roofing contractors statewide. In 2023, the Association changed it’s name to SMACNA Connecticut. Today the Association continues its longstanding working relationship with SMWIA Local Union No. 40 as joint trustees and the management side of the negotiating process. Labor and Management enjoy a positive working relationship and share the mutual objective of expanding the business and work horizons for both labor and management in Connecticut.

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